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Jan Beames

B Couns, Clinical Member QCA
Counsellor, EMDR Clinician & Author

Jan Beames is a highly regarded counsellor, coach and group facilitator.  She has developed an enviable reputation in assisting people to turn around their personal, sporting, professional and business lives.

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NEW BOOK: Exiting the Gambling Addiction

According to AFL Player Manager Paul Connors from Connors Sports Management, Gambling is the hidden problem in footy. The focus of this book is on sports gambling which is the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia. It is directed towards the following groups:

  • Those who may have a gambling addiction (including players, coaches, support staff, supporters and followers);  
  • Those who have been affected by gambling;
  • Sports administrators (both at a peak body and at a club level); 
  • Player Managers;
  • Anybody else who wants to know more about gambling and sports gambling in particular. 
BOOK: Exiting the Gambling Addiction
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